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Vectrix Developing Fuel Cell Motor Scooter

Vectrix Corporation from Newport, Rhode Island, known for their all-electric motor scooters is also developing a fuel cell motor scooter in collaboration with Parker Hannifin. The Vectrix VX-FCe fuel cell hybrid motor scooter contains a 500-watt Protonex NGenTM fuel cell and has a top speed of 62 mph with a range of 155 miles.

The Vectrix VX-FCe hybrid does not need to be plugged in as the fuel cell and regenerative braking recharge the nickel metal hydride batteries. The Vectrix VX-FCe runs of either hydrogen or reformed methanol.

Though Vectrix has now put the VX-FCe on the back burner to concentrate on their all-electric bikes that they are currently producing and marketing, the company expects to turn their focus on the fuel cell vehicle within another six months.

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