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Valeswood Pearl Hydrogen Bike Hits Streets

The Valeswood Pearl hydrogen bike is hitting the streets of the United Kingdom as a commercial alternative fueled vehicle. Back in May 2007, I had talked about how Valeswood was showing off their H-bike at the NEMEX alternative energy show in the UK.

Now, Valeswood has combined its own bicycle with one of two different (12v or 24v) Pearl fuel cells (made in Shanghai) to create a bike many city riders will like. The Valeswood Pearl uses a PEM fuel cell with compressed hydrogen and can travel up to 60 miles before refueling with a top speed of approximately 16 mph.

The Valeswood Pearl hydrogen bike can be folded in half to store in the trunk or backseat of most autos. In addition, the Pearl bike does not need a license to drive or insurance since it is fully EU-compliant for road travel.

For those who are out to just get a little exercise, the fuel cell doesn’t have to be engaged and the bicycle can operate on pure pedal power. For those who get tired, need to travel a steep uphill incline or need to take a quick trip to the grocery store, kicking in the go-juice will help to do just this.

The estimated price for the Valeswood Pearl is in the $3,000 to $4,500 range.

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