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Valeswood H-Bike Hydrogen Bicycle Has Pedal Pushers Reeling

The Valeswood H-Bike hydrogen fuel cell bicycle may hit paths and roadways sooner than anyone thinks. The Valeswood H-Bike was rolled out this week at the NEMEX Sustainabilitylive renewable energy show in Birmingham, UK.

This hydrogen fuel cell bicycle beats an electrically assisted bike hands down in that a bike powered by battery can only travel 15 miles before the peddler has to kick in, whereas the fuel cell bike can travel for 60 miles. When it rolls out commercially, the price of the Valeswood H-Bike is estimated to be around $1,200, which is far below the price of most scooters.

The is powered by a Hydrocell alkaline fuel cell, which is less expensive than other PEM fuel cells using platinum as the catalyst. In addition, the Valeswood hydrogen bike uses metal hydride storage, which can accept either commercial grade gaseous hydrogen or green hydrogen to fuel the vehicle.

Valeswood anticipates a limited market in the United Kingdom for its product, but a much larger market in China where both traditional bicycles and electric bicycles are now commonplace.

Sure, there have been a few other fuel cell bicycle prototypes rolled out in the past such as the WL Gore & Associates / Aprilia Fuel Cell Bike, Palcan Fuel Cell Bicycle, ZEEP Fuel Cell Bicycle and Manhattan Scientifics Hydrocycle. But, the Valeswood H-Bike is the only model intended to go commercial.

And, when peddle power meets hydropower, the environment is the bigger winner in this race.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen auto blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen autos, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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    Dr. Kishore Afzulpurkar

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Consultant Metallurgist , resident in India & Singapore and much interested in development of FUEL CELLLS in India.

    Currently, I am involved with a Resarch Project ,as an external faculty member, at College of Engineering , Pune at the Dept.of Materials Science for development of PEMFC.

    We are also looking at sourcing a suitable model for use in conventional Mopeds ( driven two wheel bikes ) to be introduced in India; Pune is one of the ‘hubs’ in Indian Automotive Industry.

    Have you any Represntation or MOU with any Indian Company ?. May be our Teaching & Research Institute can identify such a partner in India, if needed for your interests . Look forward to your comments. Thank you.

    best regards…………Kishore Afzulpurkar.

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