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Suzuki to Showboat 3 FCVs at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

In a couple of weeks Suzuki plans to show off three fuel cell vehicle prototypes at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan. On August 6, 2009 I had talked about how Toyota, Nissan and Mazda were pushing the government to expand the Japanese Hydrogen Highway system in anticipation of rolling out more and more hydrogen autos.

Now, Suzuki has thrown their hat into the ring as well. Suzuki will be showing off the SX4-FCV auto, the Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter and the MIO FC electric wheelchair. The Suzuki SX4-FCV I had already talked about in July 2008. It uses a General Motors hydrogen fuel cell coupled with a 10,000 psi hydrogen tank.

The Suzuki SX4-FCV also uses a small, light capacitor and regenerative braking to recapture energy. The Suzuki SX4-FCV is being tested on public roads as we speak. Now, the Suzuki Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter is also being introduced at the auto show.

This scooter uses the same technology as the Suzuki Crosscage hydrogen fuel cell (by Intelligent Energy) motorcycle that I had talked about in October 2007. The scooter uses a light, compact air cooled hydrogen fuel cell coupled with a 10,000 psi hydrogen tank (which is the highest pressure uses on a motorized scooter to date).

The Suzuki MIO FC electric wheelchair is powered by hydrogen-rich methanol. The MIO wheelchair has a replaceable tank with a spare onboard so that consumers don’t get stranded.

This move by Suzuki ups the ante in regard to putting pressure on the government to build out a hydrogen fueling station infrastructure. The vehicles will be ready in a very short time. So, concurrently will the fueling stations be ready?

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