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Royal Dutch Shell Creating Hydrogen Bus Fleet for Netherlands

Royal Dutch Shell aims to rollout the world’s largest hydrogen public transportation project in Rotterdam, The Netherlands within the next 3 years. Shell, along with bus manufacturer MAN Truck and Bus corporation of Nevada, will be implementing 20 hydrogen-powered internal combustion buses with the help of the Dutch authorities. The buses will be operated by a Connexxion Holding also from Nevada.

The 20 hydrogen buses will be fueled from a combined gasoline-hydrogen fueling station owned by the Shell corporation, which will be the first of its kind in the Netherlands. This fueling station will also to open to ordinary motorists along with the hydrogen buses. Shell currently has a similar fueling station operational in Washington D. C.

This project follows on the heals of another successful 3-year project in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam project involved building hydrogen infrastructure and operation of three hydrogen fuel cell buses.

According to Vice President Shell Hydrogen, Duncan Macleod, “This is an important milestone for Shell Hydrogen as we take the next steps towards Royal Dutch Shell’s fuels strategy of providing sustainable mobility to people around the world.”

When this project is completed, just step on the bus Gus, don’t need to discuss much as the major port city of Rotterdam will be that much cleaner, greener and more noise free than a few years earlier.

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