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Jetpacks Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide

JetpackI’ve talked about hydrogen peroxide as a possible clean, green fuel for future autos and other vehicles in the past. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in planes, trains, automobiles and everything in-between.

I’ve also mentioned that hydrogen peroxide is being used in jetpacks and rocket packs as a high intensity fuel where the only bi-product of using it is water. Hydrogen peroxide when used in jetpacks (such as the James Bond variety) are usually for short duration flights for less than a minute and can be used for demonstration purposes such as Super Bowl appearances. The jetpack and Jet P. I. are two examples of this.

Olympian talks about the traditional kind of jetpack, “The pressurized nitrogen is there to push the hydrogen peroxide out of the other two tanks. The hydrogen peroxide runs through a pipe and hits a silver mesh catalyst. When it hits the silver, the hydrogen peroxide immediately turns into oxygen and water. The water flashes into high pressure steam because of the heat of the reaction. The steam is then directed out two nozzles to create thrust.”

And, they go onto say, “How do you get more range from the same amount of fuel? You have to use some kind of engine to move a whole lot of air, rather than using direct rocket-like thrust. There are two ways to move a lot of air: propellers and jet engines.”

So, this is what the Martin Jetpack does. As an alternative to hydrogen peroxide jetpacks, that stay aloft for 30 seconds, the Martin can stay aloft for 30 minutes powered by autories a V4 2-stroke, 200 hp engine, which moves a couple of air duct fans.

The downside is that the Martin Jetpack is much larger than the other hydrogen peroxide fueled jetpacks and is more like strapping a 500 pound desk to your backsides.

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful fuel that has yet to be fully harnessed or exploited to its full potential. This is especially true in the automotive industry. Made up on only hydrogen and oxygen (H2O2), however, hydrogen peroxide has the potential to be a very clean future fuel that needs to be more fully developed.

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