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Intelligent Energy and Suzuki Rolling Out Hydrogen Motorcycle

Intelligent Energy and Suzuki Motors will combine forces to rollout a production hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle by the end of 2007. This is according to statements issued by both companies.

The Intelligent Energy ENV was supposed to rollout in the later part of 2006, but complications have forced the company to partner up with a well-known motorcycle maker in order to get production models to market. Intelligent Energy will supply the PEM fuel cell technology to Suzuki, who will then integrate the technology into their vehicles.

This alliance puts Suzuki in head-to-head competition with Yamaha as the first to shed its “rice-burner” moniker (water-burner anyone?) as Yamaha had unveiled its hydrogen fuel cell FC-AQEL motorcycle in October 2006. The rollout date for the production version of the FC-AQEL is uncertain at this point.

There are several other prototype hydrogen motorcycles and scooters that have been shown to the public that I’ve talked about in an earlier blog posting. Most likely production hydrogen motorcycles and scooters will beat production hydrogen autos to market because of lower costs and lower expectations for a refueling infrastructure to be in place for motorcycles.

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