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Hydrogen Scooters Have Their Rooters

Rooters for hydrogen scooters have gotten a treat this year as both Yamaha and an entrepreneur from Holland are showing off their latest vehicles.

Crijn Bouman created the as a graduation project while at the Delft University in Holland. The Fhybrid is a hydrogen electric hybrid that is front-wheel drive, has a reverse gear for parking and a regenerative braking system to recharge its lithium-ion battery pack. The Fhybrid has a top speed of 40 mph and a range of about 125 miles, comparable to most traditional gasoline scooters.

Yamaha next week will be unveiling its hydrogen prototype scooter at Yokohama’s International Electric Automobile Show, calling it the FC-Aqel. The FC-Aqel is a 125cc vehicle powered by fuel cell and using two compressed hydrogen tanks.

Hydrogen scooters are not all that new, though as several have been rolled out in the past as you can see from the past blog post called Hydrogen Scooters for Urban Commuters. Hydrogen scooters will make even more sense in the future as more hydrogen home fueling systems are rolled out and the hydrogen scooters can be gassed up easily for both scooter owners and businesses in the tourist trade.

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