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Hydrogen-on-Demand Reduces Emissions in Korea

Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Incorporated (HHT) is moving into the Korean market with their on-demand Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) system. Because of recent greenhouse gas and emissions legislation by the Korean government, involving transport truck pollution around the capital city of Seoul, trucking companies are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Korean government also has a list of accepted vendors that trucking companies can pick from in order to cut down on emissions. HHT is in testing now with their hydrogen-on-demand system with the Korean government to prove by the end of 2007, that they too should be on that list. If accepted into the program, HHT estimates they will capture a market of well over 100,000 trucks.

HHT offers its HFI LX Series for large transport trucks and a smaller HFI SX Series for small passenger vehicles such as pickup trucks. The HFI LX Series uses distilled water that is electrolyzed and injected into the intake manifold of the diesel-powered truck. The distilled water lasts for 65 hours of operation between refills. HHT also offers an on-board digital controller, which monitors the on-demand system via satellite and can even offer software updates remotely as well.

The HFI SX Series is a smaller unit that has been sold commercially since 2005. The unit is more compact than the LX model and can be placed in the bed of the truck, such as in a toolbox that is optional for many vehicles or can be added on.

Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies is based in Ontario, Canada and is selling its on-demand systems worldwide. The HFI systems are geared towards electrolyzing water, injecting the hydrogen and oxygen in to the combustion chamber displacing some of the diesel fuel (which means using less fuel) and making the engine burn cleaner, thus reducing emissions.

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