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Hydrogen Fire Fighting Vehicles Help In Heat of Battle

DaimlerChrysler has just rolled out its Mercedes-Benz F-Cell fire fighting vehicle in Sacramento, California to demonstrate the usefulness of a zero-emissions vehicle to aid in field operations. The fuel cell powered vehicle is equipped with sirens, lights and decals and will be operated by the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and used as a supervisor’s automobile.

The F-Cell is one of over 100 fuel cell vehicles that DaimlerChrysler has rolled out worldwide in fleet testing. The F-Cell fire response vehicle will be refueled at the BP Energy hydrogen refueling station upon the grounds at the local California Fuel Cell Partnership facilities.

The Mercedes F-Cell fire fighter joins the 2002 PSA Peugeot Citroën H2O as the only hydrogen powered emergency response vehicles in the world. There is one big difference between these vehicles, however. The Mercedes F-cell uses a fuel cell to power the wheels of the vehicle. The Peugeot H2O is really an electric-driven vehicle that uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power the auxiliary systems on the vehicle such as communication systems, pumps and smoke extractors.

The F-Cell emergency response vehicle gives DaimlerChrysler another chances to test its hydrogen auto under real world conditions. It also gives the automaker another chance to promote fuel cell vehicles as the future of the automotive industry.

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