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Hydrail Hydrogen Train Conference Is Rescheduled For U. S.

The first announcement for the Third International Hydrail Conference stated that it would be held in Bergamo, Italy on June 25 – 26, 2007. The world’s first and only hydrogen train conference has now been updated and rescheduled to being held in Salisbury, North Carolina on August 13 – 14, 2007.

The First Hydrail International Conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2005 and the Second Hydrail International Conference was held in Herning, Denmark in 2006.

With all the focus on developing hydrogen fuel cells for autos, hydrogen train development has been flying under the radar. Hydrogen fuel cell trains are seen by many industry insiders as the next technological leap similar to what diesel trains were to steam locomotives.

Hydrogen trains offers some significant advantages over hydrogen autos in that a huge supporting infrastructure for hydrail does not have to be built to support the locomotives. Besides passenger trains, hydrail is being seen as a solution for trains in factories, mines and military bases because they provide zero emissions and less noise in operation.

So, join the if you can and get on track for a future filled with hydrogen locomotives.

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