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Greek Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooter Unveiled

Greek Fuel Cell ScooterIn the past I’ve talked about hydrogen scooters and how the Greek geeks are making headway in fuel cell technology. Now, the first Greek hydrogen fuel cell scooter has been announced.

The H2 Technologies & Renewable Energy Sources Department of Tropical S. A. delivered the first fuel cell scooter (pictured) to the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) in Athens, Greece. The 500 W fuel cell system charges a bank of batteries that provides power to the electric motor.

The fuel cell system resides on the rack at the back of the scooter and can be easily dismounted and used as a portable electrical generation system. The fuel cell scooter also uses a low pressure metal hydride hydrogen storage tank (1Nm3) that will help the vehicle achieve a range of approximately 90 miles.

According to the folks at , the fuel cell scooter is well suited for golf courses, airports, universities, hotels, theme parks and many other venues. While fuel cell autos lack infrastructure right now for long road trips, hydrogen scooters make sense for those wanting to travel cleanly and greenly within relatively small localized areas.

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