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Great Scott, the Jet Pack Man Sets a World Speed Record!

Jetpack RecordPowered by hydrogen peroxide, jet pack pilot Eric Scott has set a world speed record of 68 mph. In November 2008, I had talked about Scott setting a world record for distance and height in a hydrogen peroxide powered jet pack as he sailed 1,500 feet over a 1,000 feet abyss in Colorado.

Now, Scott actually broke the record three times over the weekend. This past Friday in Scotland, Eric Scott flying on behalf of Jet Pack International broke the record at 43 mph. Flying into a headwind on Saturday, Scott once again broke the record with a 54 mph attempt.

And, on Sunday, Scott thrilled the crowd with his world record breaking mark of 68 mph. A traffic cop with a radar gun verified the results which have been submitted to Guinness for inclusion into their book of world records. There was no word as to whether Elton John’s “Rocket Man” song was playing for any of the attempts.

I’ve talked before about hydrogen peroxide as being potential fuel of the future for autos, planes, trains and other vehicles. Research is lacking in this area. But, the more attention that is called to this fuel by jetpack flyers and race auto drivers will mean more needed research will be conducted in this important area.

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