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German Hydrogen Submarine Dives for World Record

A German hydrogen fuel cell submarine, built by Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft, set a world record recently with a dive lasting 2 weeks. The German U32, a U212-A class H2 sub was underwater from April 11 – 25, 2006 traveling from Eckernforerde, Germany to Rota, Spain.

The U32 is a hydrogen hybrid vessel using fuel cells to power electric propulsion motors, which provide almost silent operation and movement. The hydrogen submarine also does not release any exhaust fumes while underwater.

The goal of the U32 is for anti-terrorism efforts to protect the Straits of Gilbraltar and Mediterranean. Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft is also producing a line of 213 and 214 class hydrogen fuel cell submarines as well as the U212-A.

Hydrogen vehicles are of great interest to different militaries worldwide because of their inherent stealth capabilities. The U. S. military has been working with the private sector to develop hydrogen technology for use in jeeps, tanks, drones and other types of vehicles for combat situations.

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    Yes is OK, but the cells is not the only way to get energy from the hydrogen, dont forget the electrolysis, is very important to. Check this projects:

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    The description of the hydrogen development is incredibily convoluted. The grammar is impossible to follow.
    How can you permit this to appear without proper conversion to a coherent description.

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    the point here is that its a flow battery…the way to get the hydrogen is by methane reforming in port, and the hydrogen is stored as a metal hydride and released by gentle heating.

    It is of use to submarines for several reasons

    Silent Hunter – the process is silent, produces no noise. the only noise is from operating the moving shaft, propeller and the electric motor.

    Density of storage – the storage of high volumes of hydrogen and pure oxygen in tanks is more weight efficient/volume efificient/ buoyancy efficient than using batteries.

    Drinking water for the crew is produced without reuquiring to use electricity to generate it.

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