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FAUN and Heliocentris Create Hydrogen Dual Fuel Garbage Truck

FAUN and Heliocentris have teamed up to develop a German garbage truck for BSR (Berliner Stadtreinigung) that runs on hydrogen, diesel fuel and is a battery electric hybrid vehicle as well.

According to Heliocentris, “The garbage collection vehicle prototype will have an onboard hydrogen-powered fuel cell energy system. This allows the main drive (diesel engine) to be switched off during collection, so that it only has to be used when the vehicle is driving. Using a system like this, up to 3 litres of diesel fuel are saved per hour, which translates to a reduction in diesel consumption of almost 30 percent. Therefore, CO2, NOx and fine particle emissions are also reduced. The main objective of the prototype is to demonstrate the suitability for daily use of an electrical propulsion system with a fuel cell for garbage collection by a Rotopress garbage collection vehicle.”

Now in the past I’ve talked about street sweepers and other large vehicles that have been converted to run on hydrogen. Last week I talked about how Germany was taking the lead in rolling out hydrogen vehicles and fueling stations worldwide.

And in September 2009 I had talked about how South Korea was turning a landfill into a H2 production plant to create hydrogen fuel for autos and other vehicles. So, when I learned that a garbage truck was being converted to run on hydrogen, then it made me wonder and how the cycle of garbage and waste could be used to refuel the very trucks that haul the garbage to the landfills.

Since garbage trucks are like buses and run similar routes every day, the only fueling infrastructure that would need to be built would be at the landfill itself where the hydrogen is being produced. This is another closed loop system where garbage and waste could be recycled into hydrogen fuel, reducing the amount of waste and reducing emissions from the trucks that haul the waste.

Sometimes an idea seems so obvious one has to think, “Why hadn’t someone thought of this before?”

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    Hydrogen fuel for the rocket is generated from tap water! Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, clean and environmentally friendly.

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    Dear sir/madam.
    i want to know do you have garbage trucks in stock? and i want to know if you have the capacity to supply the ministry? and what is the brand names of your auto you have in stock? please let me know the above information and i will get back to you after your confirmation am waiting. ASAP

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    We do not sell garbage trucks on this website. Please follow the links provided in the blog post for more info.

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    Hydrogen is one of two natural elements that combine to make water. Hydrogen is not an energy source, but an energy autorier because it takes a great deal of energy to extract it from water. It has benefits like, it can be produced domestically and it is environmental friendly.

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    A good display of give and take relationship. The landfills give the fuel and the garbage trucks take the trash. Now there is nothing will stop them from collecting trash.

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