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Canadians and Brits Set Sail on Hydrogen Boats

This week both the Canadians and British have set sail on hydrogen fuel cell boats. In Canada, Jim Harrington, president of AGO Electronics, put a 300-watt Horizon fuel cell system in a 19-foot sloop and sailed it successfully, putting out zero emissions.

In the UK, today, the University of Birmingham is unveiling its fully functional canal boat called the Ross Barlow (so much for giving ships a female name). The Ross Barlow is propelled using a hydrogen fuel cell system paired up with rare earth magnet propulsion. Gaseous hydrogen is stored in metal hydride containers at low pressure for optimal safety aboard the vessel.

And, with International Talk Like A Pirate Day having happened just a couple of days ago, it be fitting ye mateys that thar she blows and shiver me timbers, these vessels are now sailing the high seas and promoting clean energy. Arrrrr!

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen auto blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen autos, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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    This is great news. Perhaps Hinckley or Chris Craft could offer this option for their new boats.There’s no question Honda,Evinrude,Mercury,GM,Cummins,Caterpillar should be looking into using this as an option to their own powerplants,especially fishing boats.

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