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Berlin Gears Up for FIFA Soccer with Hydrogen Buses

As the USA soccer team touched down in Berlin on Friday for the FIFA Soccer World Cup, the city was preparing to show off its second hydrogen bus. Project “Green Goal” aims to kick the greenhouse gas habit by using alternative energy methods and transportation.

According to the Gulf Times, “The ‘Green Goal’ was launched last year with the aim of offsetting the estimated 100,000 tons of autobon dioxide generated within Germany by transportation, construction of the stadiums and the presence of an expected 3.2 million spectators.”

German and Brazil soccer squads will travel in public transportation such as trains, solar panels will provide energy from stadium roofs and refreshments will be sold in reusable World Cup beverage cups. The public is being encouraged to ride the hydrogen buses and trains and leave their autos behind in order to help reduce CO2 emissions in the city.

Berlin is also attacking greenhouse gases on another front as well. As part of the Hydrogen for Transport initiative, 14 hydrogen buses using modified internal combustion engines will also go into service in the near future in Berlin. The initiative will put in service over 200 hydrogen vehicles throughout Europe the supporting infrastructure within the next few years.

World Cup soccer is Berlin’s chance to show off their intention of becoming one of the greenest cities in the European Union over the next few years. And, if the city has the same passion and skill as their own soccer players, achieving this will be a “Goal!” heard worldwide.

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    Karl-Friedrich Lenz

    The European Commission has recently reported on the CUTE program (Clean Urban Transport for Europe) and adopted a $100 million follow-up, with some of the busses going to China and Australia.

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