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Vision Tyrano Goes to Military Boot Camp

Yes, one of my favorite subjects to talk about is the Vision Tyrano truck (which I had the pleasure of checking out in person recently), because it is in class of its own, literally. The Tyrano is a heavy duty class 8 truck weighing 80,000 lbs that runs on compressed hydrogen gas and hybrid electric energy.

The Vision Tyrano has 3,300 lbs.-ft. of torque available and a range of around 200 miles which can be extended to 400 miles over an 8 hour shift. The Tyrano is quiet, uses zero fossil fuels and gives off zero emissions.

This is why the U. S. military is interested in such a vehicle. Vision Industries has just signed an agreement to have Burtek Incorporated represent them in the U. S. defense marketplace.

According to Dr. James I. Finley, President and Chief Executive Officer of , “Consider the fact that a full 80 percent of all United States Marine Corps fatalities occur in convoys; 40 percent of which are primarily involved in the transport of both water and fossil fuels. Reducing or eliminating the need to transport fossil fuels and water further entrenches the value of the hydrogen-fuel solution in saving American lives.”

Now, it’s obvious to me on how the Tyrano will help reduce the hauling of fossil fuels in military situations, but I’m not sure how the truck will help reduce the need for water. Will water not still be needed for the troops to drink and for the creation of hydrogen?

Be that as it may, the U. S. military is known for testing leading edge transportation technology. And whether it is being used in active duty or not, the Tyrano truck stands a good chance of being part of the Defense Department’s lineup of heavy vehicles for years to come.

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  1. Avatar

    Are you sure that the truck weighs 80,000 lbs.? This would make the truck w/ trailer over weight without any payload on it. A five axle combination can be 80,000 gross. I hope this was an overlook otherwise they are going to have to build their own roads to run on.

  2. Avatar

    Absolutely! I hope that the 80,000 lbs was a typp, otherwise the truck is practically useless on normal roads.

  3. Avatar

    Furthermore I fail to see ANY advantage for the military (except PR – as in PRopaganda)

    The military needs tons of fuel for – power generators, combat vehicles, helicopters. Those needs will stay in place (and theater) so I fail to see any advantage to using this truck for military purposes, except maybe one.

    The fact that it is QUIET!!!! A quiet convoy can move undetected for longer. If you want the US military to have less fossil fuel use, make their vehicles more efficient (like making the M1 diesel, not turbine powered, and replacing the kevlar coffin stryker with an M113A3 that has lower consumption in difficult terrain)

    and power US mil bases with solar/wind and have their AirConditioning powered by concentrated sunlight.

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