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Vision Industries Offers Fuel Cell Class 8 Trucks with IREx

Vision Industries out of Long Beach, California has introduced an Intelligent Range Extender (IREx) for its fuel cell class 8 trucks.

According to the , “Vision Industries Corporation today announced that it will introduce its newly developed ‘Intelligent Range Extender’ system in its next generation Class 8 trucks, originally designed for short-haul autogo transportation, which is commonly referred to as ‘Drayage.’

“Due to dramatically improved key components, Vision Industries is now able to build a Fuel Cell Electric Class 8 tractor that offers longer range, higher efficiency and lower weight at a competitive price to existing diesel and NG trucks. This system will widen the available applications for these trucks from short-haul drayage to regional trucking, all at reduced operating cost and always with a zero-emission footprint.”

Now, I’ve talked about Vision Industries quite a few times in the past. Their Tyrano plug-in hybrid fuel cell class 8 trucks have made headlines in the last couple of years especially at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Vision Industries also offers a Zero-TT plug-in hybrid fuel cell terminal tractor for ports and other transportation hubs.

The Vision Industries’ IREx system (see graphic at top of page) is interesting in that it integrates GPS, fleet management software and the Vehicle Control Unit in order to maximize fuel efficiency, time management and profitability on the fly. Optimized profiles are chosen automatically for any given situation a driver may encounter.


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