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Hyundai and Cummins to Take on Nikola Motors

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While Hyundai is always known for its innovations and ideas outside of the box, 2019 has been a particularly creative year for the company. Indeed, they have recently made a partnership with Cummins, with a joint announcement made to begin a ‘memorandum of understanding’ to collaborate with one another. The aim? To work on fuel cell and electric power-train technologies.

With the world increasingly more understanding of the necessity to move away from the damaging processes in place today regarding how we travel, this is very important news. Cummins are a well-known developer of quality diesel engines for long haul trucks, but they have slowly yet surely started to make progress in the electrical industry. Hyundai has become majorly invested in the fuel cell-powered vehicle industry, with their Nexo crossover a high point for the company.

Therefore, both companies appear in as good a place as is likely to be found in the industry to start making proper changes take place. the aim is to try and start commercializing the fuel cell and electric power-train industries and perhaps even take on Nikola Motors which has taken the early lead in the fuel cell big rig truck space.

A Potent Combination

One of the main reasons this is expected to be a success is due to their combination of Hyundai fuel cell capabilities with Cummins knowledge of trucks and electrical vehicles. Presently, the main aim is to crack the North American market, though many more nations could benefit in the long-term future. With teams already working on ‘next generation’ fuel cell systems, too, this is a positive move.

Hyundai made it clear that its aim is to help expand its reach and its potency within the North American commercial market. Working with Cummins, who has a strong and genuine reputation within the industry, is only likely to help produce positive results as time goes on. Both companies have also made it clear that they could see themselves working together outside of just the automotive industry.

Indeed, they spoke about creating electric generators which are powered by fuel cells. This is becoming an increasingly popular and important market, with rivals like Toyota openly branching out into both fuel cell long haul trucks and fuel cell generators. For now, the, it’s fair to say that both Hyundai and Cummins have plenty of development space and opportunity outside of their usual line of work.



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