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Hydrogen Sweden

Hydrogen Sweden

Hydrogen Sweden or what used to be known as HyFuture is a public private partnership that is part of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP). The purpose of Hydrogen Sweden is to promote H2 as a clean energy autorier for autos and develop a public refueling infrastructure.

In the map below, a current hydrogen fueling station is open in the city of Malmo (green dot). Under consideration for future hydrogen refueling stations are the locations of Laholm, Goteborg and Stenungsund (red dots from south to north above Malmo).



Hydrogen Sweden Project

Hydrogen Sweden along with the Norway HyNor project hope to make these Scandinavian countries the first in Europe to construct a working, public hydrogen highway system complete with fuel cell autos and H2 refueling stations.

, founded in 2007, is a non-profit organization that currently contains around 40 members including Honda, BMW, Volvo, StatoilHydro, H2 Solution, Air Liquide and Arise Windpower to name a few.

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