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Hydrogen Rumor Mill

Hydrogen Rumor Mill

This is the hydrogen rumor mill page. On this page we’ve decided to place some factual, semi-factual, downright non-factual material along with conjecture, hear-say and basic run-of-the-mill rumors.

We’ve also decided to mix in some truth, just to throw you off. As we’re able to verify or negate the validity of the rumors, we’ll be moving them off this page (maybe) onto a more appropriate spot, be it a regular page, or the trash bin.

So, take what you see on this page with a grain of salt and even a grin as we’re not telling what’s fact and what’s fiction. At least not yet. Enjoy.

Run Your Car On Tap Water!

Hey, you can’t just make this stuff up. Or maybe you can. There is a company that says it can transform your traditional automobile with a gasoline-burning engine into a hydrogen vehicle using off-the-shelf parts. The Plan also calls for rust-proofing your exhaust system and hey, its all being tested in Mexico now. Let’s talk perpetual motion machine.

Levitating Hydrogen Cars

There’s a nuclear scientist out and about who says that he has discovered that the earth really contains two electro-magnetic fields at its core. He says he’s using this discovery to create plasma reactors to generate electricity and of course anti-gravity. The website shows a picture of a levitating hydrogen auto as one of the applications for this new reactor. Is this a hoax or just cutting edge science that’s way ahead of its time?

First Hydrogen Automobile Developed

Thursday, July 14, 2005. Gebze Institute of High Technology has developed the first Turkish hybrid automobile working with hydrogen energy. The Institute faculty member Associate Professor Ali Ata said the production of the auto will begin within three months. The cost is a measely $10,000 – $15,000.

H2 Jagged Little Pill

The Copenhagen Post published at article about how researchers at a Danish University have been able to safely store hydrogen in tablet form. Claus Hviid Christensen, professor of chemistry at DTU, has stated, “The last 20 years, researchers worldwide have tried to find a practical way to store hydrogen. We have found the way. Before, the amount of hydrogen needed to fuel a passenger vehicle for 500km occupied the same space as nine passenger vehicles. With our pill, the same amount of energy can be contained in a normal 50 litre tank.”

Hope you enjoy taking turkey when it comes to hydrogen autos. If, so this page is the gravy.

I guess this section should be retitled Hydrogen Humor Mill!

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