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US Hydrogen Roadmaps and State’s Initiatives You May Not Know

Sometimes I like to tool around the Internet looking for hydrogen resources that may have flown under the radar of the mainstream media. In the U. S. there are many programs that are being developed simultaneously, especially different kinds of hydrogen roadmaps and state’s initiatives.

So, I thought I would outline a few of the most important and interesting of both of these areas.


The developed in 2002 outlines a vision for transitioning the U. S. to a hydrogen economy and H2-based transportation system.

The California Hydrogen Highway Blueprint is part of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s directive in 2004 to the Golden State’s EPA to fast track the development of hydrogen fueling stations.

The Florida Accelerated Commercialization Strategy for Hydrogen Energy Technologies focused in particular the commercialization of H2 business in that state.

State’s Intiatives

I’ve talked in this blog at length about the hydrogen development going on in states like California, New York and Florida. But, there are smaller states that have their own hydrogen programs that need to be recognized as well.

The “is made up of companies and organizations that do business with each other and / or have common needs for talent, technology, and infrastructure.”

The Mountain States Hydrogen Business Council is a non-profit organization made up of government, business and academia leaders all interested in advancing the use of hydrogen energy in the mountain states region.

The is a “public-private collaboration for cooperative and coordinated utilization of resources in the state used to advance the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.”

The Texas Hydrogen Coalition has an objective to use the abundant natural resources of Texas to advance the commercialization of the production, distribution and storage of hydrogen to reduce fossil fuel dependency and greenhouse gases.

These hydrogen roadmaps and state’s initiative I’ve selected are a few that I thought would be of interest simply because they don’t get much nationwide attention. There are many people quietly working in the background to make the national hydrogen highway system a reality starting one region at a time.

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