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Hydrogen Mobility Europe Launches Ambitious Plan

Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) has launched an ambitious plan to enable the growth of the number of fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) throughout Europe.

H2ME is based upon four of the other ambitious hydrogen vehicle and infrastructure plans in Europe including UK H2 Mobility, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland, Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership and Mobilité Hydrogène France.

According to, “These initiatives will now be working together to make hydrogen-fuelled transport a reality in Europe. Under H2ME they will deploy 200 FCEVs, 125 fuel cell range-extended electric (FC RE-EVs) commercial vans and 29 new HRSs in 10 countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK) by 2019. This plan ties in with existing national level initiatives for the roll-out of a large scale hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, aimed at enabling Europe wide emission-free driving.”

is leading the charge in this “European Invasion” of hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure. The USA and Japan need to take note of this electrifying new development that could put the EU in the pole position, soon.


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    In the transport sector electricity or hydrogen appear to be more promising as long term solutions

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