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Hyundai & Hydrogenics Ramping Up Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway

Hyundai-Kia has signed a memorandum of understanding to bring their hydrogen fueled vehicles to the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) the Icelandic New Energy project which includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

Mikael Sloth from SHHP states, “This MoU represents a significant step towards the ambition of ensuring the Nordic region as one among the first worldwide where hydrogen powered vehicles are market introduction. Deployment of fuel cell vehicles from Hyundai • Kia and other auto manufacturers will strengthen the basis for a further expansion of the present Nordic net-work of hydrogen refueling stations.”

And this isn’t the only hydrogen happening in the Scandinavian region right now. Norway has just signed on Hydrogenics as the hydrogen fuel supplier for its fleet of H2 buses. The Hydrogenics electrolyzers will be placed in the Oslo area and supply 100-percent green hydrogen fuel for the buses. By 2015, SHHP will have 45 hydrogen fueling stations in service and 1,100 hydrogen fueled vehicles on the roads.

So, while some regions of the globe are stalled in their willingness to rollout hydrogen autos and infrastructure, the Scandinavia region is going full speed ahead for the 2015 target date for rollout of both.

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