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Ronn Motors H2GO Still a Go

I’ve talked about Ronn Motors many times in the past including their Eco Scorpion super auto and their H2GO hydrogen boosting system. I’ve also talked about how the H2GO system, if it works as billed, could be a game changer in the automotive industry.

Ronn Motors and East Texas truck fleet owner, RJR Pipkin Company are reporting success in the first field trials of the H2HO direct hydrogen injection system. The H2GO system was installed in a fleet of 2008 Cummins turbo diesel powered Peterbuilt trucks.

After months of R&D, dyno testing and real-time emissions monitoring, the fleet testing showed a 32-percent reduction in CO2 (autobon dioxide) emissions and a 41-percent reduction in NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions.

About a month ago Ronn Motors tested a 2007 Lincoln Navigator (testing the Ford 4.6 liter and 5.4 liter family of engines) and made a conscious decision to balance fuel mileage increases with emissions reductions.

The test results from the Lincoln Navigator are published on the H2GO page and future results such as from the RJR Pipkin field trials will also be published on this page.

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    I understand Hydrogen fuel-stations are being engaged I think it’s New Zealand but not sure. Tap water used to create Hydrogen fuel is that now feasible? Solid hydrogen fuel is this the answer for autos etc.? Algae seems to be the oil reproductive genie and recent advance is very promissing. Algae-Hydrogen fuel cells is that a possibility? I read that nano is in paint-chips and eventually can be used as a solar collector on vehicles, roofs etc. I feel water is the key for some reason do you see it too? Thank you for your time, please at least give some potential remedies-answers.

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    Ronn Motors has been conducting additional testing on truck and marine fleets. The results have been positive enough for the fleet owners to consider larger fleet size purchases of the units. I would like to get more research or information in this space for several cleints in the enrgy service space who are very interested in what Ronn has to offer with the H2GO unit.

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