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Hydrogen Gas Saver in Small Alabama Town

I’ve written a lot lately about hydrogen generators for autos including commercial kits or DIY systems. Now, a Hartselle, Alabama man, a former preacher, teacher and automotive guy has decided build his own hydrogen gas saver and is experiencing quite a bump in mileage by doing so.

According to the Hartselle Enquirer, Worcester Telegram and, Larry Thrasher, has developed a hydrogen gas saver that increases the mileage on his 1996 Cadillac from 19 mpg to 53 mpg, making a trip to the local grocery store no big deal. The 1996 Toyota that Thrasher’s wife drives gets about 71 mpg highway.

Now, Larry Thrasher won’t get too specific about his hydrogen gas saver since he’s applied for a patent for the parts that make up his system, but we do know several aspects of his device. First, the hydrogen gas saver is fed from a 14-gallon water tank in the trunk.

Second, the hydrogen generator uses 12-electrodes that create hydrogen from water and feed the gas into the auto’s intake system. Third, the hydrogen gas saver has a flash resistor as a safety feature in case of backfire. Fourth, there a one-way valve to control the pressure of hydrogen into the intake. Fifth, the system runs on filtered tap water and needs to be periodically cleaned.

Now, hydrogen gas savers are nothing new, but this one aspect may be: divine intervention. Thrasher has stated that the inspiration for optimizing his gasoline boosting system came after a prayer session, which directed him to a specific part in his garage that when applied increased output of the hydrogen six-fold.

While people for years have been wanting to find a way to run a auto on water, Larry Thrasher has developed a hybrid method for doing this that involved a little elbow grease, mechanical know how and a little nod from above. At a time when gasoline prices are out-of-control, Thrasher is trying to put a little sanity back into the trip to the corner grocery store.

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    I would like to see his plans on hiss HHO pakage , I would be willing to pay for it – if it wasnt a hole lot of money,

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    I cannot find much newly posted and/or information(2009-2010) on this technology. Can anyone point me towards new info?

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    this is nothing new instead of using a small bottle to creat this gas he is using his trun gas tank . sure it has to be cleaned out ones in a while but you can put a drain plug in the bottom of the tank .
    I have run vapor on autos and and now trying to set it up to run vapor and adding hydrogen to get more powwer on a 350 engine

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    Hi I am 76 and would like to know if there is a unit to. fit my 2000 to fit my Toyota it is a 4 cylinder and it only gets 21 CAN I IMPROVE IT.and about how much will it coast .
    Thank you.

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    Hello, on this page there are other resources that offer community and support for your project:

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