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Hydrogen Fuel Injection Helps School Buses Increase Mileage

Hydrogen Fuel InjectionI’ve been talking a lot lately about hydrogen generators for autos and trucks. This hydrogen fuel injection (HFI) technology will now be used on school buses in Canada. Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Incorporated (HHT) has just received its first orders to install the HHO devices on the buses in district 5 in British Columbia.

British Columbia is also the province where the Canadian Hydrogen Highway is being built from Whistler to Victoria along with four other cities in-between. At some time in the future this system will merge with those being built in Washington, Oregon and California to form a west coast hydrogen highway system.

The provincial Canadian government is funding the hydrogen fuel injection units that will be placed in the to increase gas mileage and cut down on emissions such as CO2, CO, PM, NOx and HC. HFI units use a small amount of water, electrolyze it into HHO gas (two atoms of hydrogen and one atom oxygen) and inject it into the vehicle’s intake system.

This reduces the amount of gasoline or diesel fuel burned in the engine, helps the engine to burn more cleanly and with less emissions. A minimum fuel savings of 10-percent is guaranteed by Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies. HHT currently offers HFI LX and SX series hydrogen generators for larger and smaller trucks.

In addition, Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies also has their HHO generators in over 150 fleets of vehicles, making it one of the largest dealers worldwide. Back in November 2007, I had talked about how HHT was moving into the South Korean market where the company will install their hydrogen fuel injection units in over 100,000 trucks as mandated by the government.

For those who think running your auto on water is an impossible feat, it still may be. But, running your auto or truck partially on water is indeed do-able, is already being done and will continue to offer companies and individuals a way to increase gasoline mileage while reducing emissions and thus saving the environment.

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