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Hydrogen Fuel Injection Endorsed by the NHA

The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) and its education affiliate the Hydrogen Education Foundation (H2&You) are endorsing hydrogen fuel injection as a method to increase gas mileage and decrease emissions. A couple of weeks ago I had talked with Patrick Serfass, Director of Communications for the NHA and the President of H2&You about the HHO generator as an emerging market.

The website talks about three companies heavily involved in selling their hydrogen fuel injection units including Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company, HyPower Fuel and Hy-Drive Technologies. The industry hasn’t quite settled on the terminology for these devices since this is an emerging market so names like hydrogen generators for autos, HHO generators, hydrogen on demand, hydrogen gas savers and various other terms are used to describe these devices that electrolyze water and inject the resulting hydrogen and oxygen gases into a vehicle’s intake system.

According to the H2&You website, “From 2003-2008, trucking and shipping companies logged over 50 million miles of real use and testing and hundreds of systems have been sold – including some to FedEx. Now, hydrogen injection companies are developing products for smaller trucks and some autos.”

Besides the commercial systems one can buy, there are also DIY eBooks and systems one can also use to get started with hydrogen fuel injection for their automobiles and light trucks. If you have a moderate amount of automotive experience or a handy do-it-yourselfer, this may just be a good summer project for you.

Also, many thanks to Joseph Murphy and his website for bringing the new H2&You page to my attention.

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