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HHO Generator Saves Fuel in Automobiles

I’ve written a lot lately about hydrogen generators for autos and trucks. Since there seems to be peak interest in this subject right now and new products and ebooks on the market for the DIY’er to build his or her own HHO generator, I would like to visit this subject once again.

In the past, I’ve talked about Denny Klein’s HHO generator that boosts gas mileage and reduces emissions in gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles. The electrolysis unit uses water to create a gaseous oxyhydrogen, sometimes called Brown’s gas, that is then put into the auto’s intake, which provides more power, reduced gasoline use and a cleaner burn, reducing emissions.

Now critics will tell you that a HHO generator is a scam and simply doesn’t work. But, there is mounting evidence to the contrary. For instance the South Korean government has mandated that over 100,000 transport trucks be fitted with HHO generators to cut down on pollution. The U. S. Department of Energy lists one of the HHO generator manufacturers on its government website and a different manufacturer has its application in with the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

A company called Hydrorunner has third party verification that their product works and for those who like to DIY, there is a filled with active individuals dedicated to using HHO generators on their own autos. Some have bought the devices, or used an ebook to create one or created these units from their own imaginations and are helping one another work out the idiosyncrasies of getting them to work optimally on individual vehicles.

There is even a out that shows how easy it is to build an HHO generator with a few simple household items. It seems like every couple of weeks I’m talking about someone new who has created an HHO generator in their particular part of the country. A week ago I talked about a man who created a hydrogen gas saver in Alabama. This week researchers in San Antonio, Texas have accomplished a similar feat.

Because I wanted to get an outside opinion, I asked the National Hydrogen Association to weigh in. I questioned Patrick Serfass, Director of Communications for the NHA about these new HHO generators coming on the market and he said, “The technology on the whole is very simple and it works. We feel incredibly positive about it. We feel it is one of the important emerging markets in hydrogen today.”

The time is ripe for invention. With gas prices at all time highs, and the price of a barrel of oil having us all over a barrel, people want relief and they want alternatives now. Buying, building or somehow getting a HHO generator into one’s auto offers some relief from high gasoline prices, while reducing emissions in the here and now.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen auto blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen autos, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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  1. Avatar

    Looking into the future, do you think the use of sea water would be viable for Hydrogen production? Obviously sea water is more corrosive to metals and seals but the thought of the largest resource of water being used to create hydrogen would be revolutionary.
    Salt would be the only byproduct to deal with.

  2. admin

    I think seawater may be used to create hydrogen since it’s my understanding that salt acts as a catalyst during electrolysis of water.

  3. Avatar

    Since I live in an area of the country where temperatures can reach -25 degrees and colder, do you think using an HHO Generator and water as fuel is a viable solution for our gasoline energy crisis?

    Surely the Generator & Fuel Tank would also need to be insulated or heated in order to withstand the cold temperatures or, the water would freeze. All of the material I have read on this subject must only be for applications in warmer climates.

  4. admin

    Some of the people in colder climates will add a little alcohol to the water mix to keep it from freezing, while others just let the electrolyzer do its job and heat the ice into water before the HHO gas is generated.

  5. Avatar

    Yes, with dissimilar metals seawater will generate enough current to disassociate water into H2 and O2.

  6. Avatar

    actually we are getting ready to offer a new dialectric soon that will not freeze down to 5f, with the asststance of a small pump to circulate it wont freeze, koh is same, you can also blanket wrap and plug in, or install 24v/12v heaters in your feed tanks and scrubbers! If you have a system that thermally gravitates it works great!
    Dual fuel HHO

  7. Avatar

    hey how much will it cost to buy a goob auto hho generator and how to fix it on a subaru legacy

  8. Avatar

    I just put a unit on my Dodge Caravan. I am waiting for the chip and computer to reset but already notice that I have more power.

    I’ve heard salt loses it charge quickly…I use lye.

  9. Avatar

    Here is proof that Brown’s Gas (BG or HHO) assists autobon-fuel combustion.

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