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Review of 4 Hydrogen Fueling Stations in Los Angeles Area

In anticipation of Earth Day (Happy Earth Day, Folks!), this past weekend I decided geek out and visit four public hydrogen fueling stations in the greater Los Angeles area that I haven’t been to before. Two of the hydrogen fueling stations I’ve already visited in the SoCal region include one in Irvine, CA and one in Palm Springs.

The public H2 stations I toured over the weekend include ones in Los Angeles, Torrance, Harbor City and Newport Beach, CA. Let’s see how they compare.


California State University Los Angeles

The hydrogen station at this facility offered fuel pressures of 5,000 psi on one side of the pump and 10,000 psi on the other side. For more photos and info see CSULA Hydrogen Research & Fueling Facility

Cal. State University Los Angeles Hydrogen Fueling Station


Shell of Torrance, California

The Shell hydrogen fueling station on 190th Street in Torrance, California has 4 pumps total with 2 dispensing fuel at 5,000 psi and 2 at 10,000 psi. This station had the cheapest prices for fuel of the four that I reviewed. Hydrogen fuel at 5,000 psi costs $4.99 per kilogram and H2 fuel at 10,000 psi costs $5.99 per kilogram. For more photos and info see Shell Hydrogen of Torrance, CA

Shell Hydrogen Station in Torrance, California


Chevron of Harbor City, California

The Harbor City Mebtahi Chevron integrated a hydrogen fueling pump into a typical fossil fuel dispensing service station. One disappointing aspect here was that the hydrogen station was temporarily closed so I couldn’t see prices or other pertinent information. For more photos and info see Mebtahi Chevron hydrogen station of Harbor City, CA

Harbor City, California Mebtahi Chevron Hydrogen Station


Newport Beach Shell Station

At the Newport Beach, California Shell station on Jamboree Road, the hydrogen stations were incorporated into the overall fossil fuel service station. The H2 fuel pumps dispense hydrogen at both 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi. For more pictures and info see Newport Beach, CA Shell Hydrogen Station

Newport Beach, California Shell Hydrogen Fueling Station


The four hydrogen stations that I reviewed this past weekend were located in both Orange and Los Angeles counties. I mapped out the trip with Google Maps and drove a total of 131 miles among the four stations.


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