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Norway’s First HyNor Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens

Today, Norway is opening up its first hydrogen fueling station in Stavanger during its Offshore Northern Seas () conference. The hydrogen fueling station is part of the HyNor Initiative, which is a hydrogen highway project similar to that in California.

As part of the HyNor project, a hydrogen highway corridor will be built from Stavanger to Oslo with stops in-between at Lyngdal, Grimstad, Porsgrunn, Notodden and Drammen. This 350-mile corridor will include very diverse testing conditions and steep terrain changes.

As part of the ONS conference, both Mazda and Intelligent Energy are showing off their hydrogen vehicles. The Mazda RX-8 Renesis bi-fuel hydrogen / gasoline auto is being demonstrated to show that hydrogen autos will be realistic alternatives within a few very short years. Also, Intelligent Energy is demonstrating its ENV hydrogen motorcycle, which presumably could be the first consumer hydrogen vehicle to hit the marketplace.

Visitors from 87 different countries are expected to attend the ONS conference and more than 350 accredited journalists are also signed up to attend this highly anticipated exhibition.

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    What is America waiting for? Not only is this technology real, but it is in use today in Norway. Unfortunately, America is run by professional oil men. I pray this can change soon.

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