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ITM Power and Scottish Water Test HFUEL Electrolyzer

ITM Power, maker of low cost electrolyzer units for refueling autos and other applications has teamed up with Scottish Water, one of the largest water companies in the United Kingdom that has a fleet of over 1,500 vehicles.

ITM Power will be testing its HFUEL high volume, 5,000 psi transportable hydrogen
refueling unit for commercial and industrial vehicle fleets. Scottish water will be using two Ford internal combustion transit vehicles converted by Revolve Technologies to run on compressed hydrogen fuel.

Now, I’ve talked about the ITM Power HFUEL unit before as they are now testing it with package autorier DHL at London’s Stansted Airport, again with a couple of converted Ford internal combustion engine vehicles.

In the summer of 2008, ITM Power developed a home hydrogen refueling station code named the “Green Box” which didn’t take off primarily because of the low pressure hydrogen output that the fuel cell automakers were only mildly enthusiastic about.

Now, ITM Power is starting down the path again of developing a home H2 refueler with higher pressure output. The HFUEL, however, is a portable commercial refueling station meant to juice up multiple hydrogen autos every day.

ITM Power has also indicated they will be making a major announcement in regard to the HFUEL unit this week, on September 15, 2010 so stay tuned for this news.

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    Here’s an update today on ITM Power’s announcement about their HFUEL portable hydrogen fueling station some other tidbits of information.

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