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Hydrogenics to Add Another Station to European Hydrogen Highway

Hydrogenics is not a new player in the hydrogen field. They have successfully built electrolyzers for years. And over these years, Hydrogenics has improved efficiency, durability and brought down costs of its hydrogen generators.

According to Hydrogenics, President and CEO Daryl Wilson, “This latest award will demonstrate a new design for Hydrogenics – our fifth generation HySTAT V. The electrolyzer and associated equipment will be more compact, more efficient, easier to use and more cost-effective. We are clearly seen by our customers as providing the best hydrogen solutions for fueling stations and energy storage across the globe.”

The newest Hydrogenics fueling station will be operated Belgium which will bring the total number of stations to 3 in that small country and expand the European Hydrogen Highway. Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany are linchpins in building out the European Hydrogen Highway system and in particular connecting to the growing Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway.

The new Hydrogenics station will be used to power forklifts, buses and other vehicles, presumably hydrogen autos. The station will be able to output about 60 kilograms of hydrogen a day (or enough to fuel up 15 Honda Clarity FCVs).

After hydrogen station after station keeps popping up in Europe one has to wonder when this kind of quick development of infrastructure is going to take place in the U. S. to support H2 autos.

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