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Finland’s Hydrogen Roadmap Unveiled

Because I was born ½ Finnish, this story is near and dear to my heart. The Finns have decided it’s time to get with the program and prepare for the upcoming age of hydrogen autos. And to this a company called VTT Technical Research Centre has prepared a Finnish hydrogen roadmap.

According to VTT, “The Finnish hydrogen roadmap, compiled by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and partly funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), assesses the export opportunities that can be available to Finnish businesses through international development. The report envisages the kind of energy-, climate- and industrial-political opportunities offered to Finland through widespread adoption of hydrogen energy, and presents realistic recommendations for gaining access to them …

“…Finland is already prepared for the construction of hydrogen refuelling stations through gas company Woikoski Oy, which this year has set the ball rolling by using its own innovative technology to bring an exportable hydrogen refuelling station to Vuosaari in Helsinki …

“…For Finland the question is not only one of energy, but of processes, materials, equipment and the manufacture of components. In other words, of building the export products that will be needed for the future hydrogen distribution network.”

And for all of my fine Finnish friends, I would like to close by saying, “Voi poro hymyillen teitä.”


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