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Berlin Opens Green Hydrogen Hub at Airport

In Berlin, Germany a Green Hydrogen Hub (H2BER) has just opened at the airport. At this fueling station, the hydrogen is produced using water, electrolysis, solar and wind power.

According to , “H2BER’s operating principle is based on applying hydrogen as an energy source produced using wind power and solar energy. The electricity required for this purpose will be provided by a nearby wind park. H2 production at high wind speeds will also be tested and observed by scientists in a dedicated research campus. TOTAL is also integrating into the electricity system a solar installation on the station’s roof, developed by its photovoltaic daughter company SunPower.

“The CO2-neutral hydrogen will be produced on site in a McPhy 45-bar pressure electrolyser, which will be operated by ENERTRAG. With a capacity of 500 kW, the application-optimised and extendable alkali electrolyser can produce more than 200 kg of hydrogen per day. That is enough to H2-refuel around 50 fuel cell vehicles.”

And coincidentally, Berlin now has 50 autos and buses that are already being fueled with hydrogen in one of the largest demonstration projects in Europe. The Green Hydrogen Hub will not only provide another choice for drivers but a clean “well to wheel” experience as well.


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