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27 Hydrogen Stations Opened in 2012

Twenty-seven hydrogen fueling stations opened worldwide in the year 2012. This, according to who tracks the openings and closings of hydrogen fueling stations all over the earth.

The addition of 27 new stations brings the total to 208 H2 fueling stations worldwide. Eighty stations are in Europe, 76 in North America, 49 in Asia and 3 in South America. On the continents of Australia and Africa there is 1 decommissioned H2 station there apiece.

According to , “In 2012 the statistics list eight station inaugurations in North America, three in Asia and 16 in Europe, five of which are in Germany. The latter are owned by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) Project and are located in Hamburg, Berlin and Duesseldorf. Together with the refuelling station opened in Stuttgart in March 2013, this brings the number of hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany up to 33. Austria’s third hydrogen refuelling station was opened last year and Turkey celebrated a premiere by opening its first hydrogen refuelling station.”

Here is a link to a page that shows more hydrogen fueling stations locator maps.

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