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Purdue Hydrogen Storage Tank Uses Heat Exchanger

Purdue HydrogenResearchers at Purdue University have developed a heat exchanger for hydrogen storage tanks that will help manufacturers take one step closer towards commercialization of hydrogen autos. Filling up a hydrogen auto in 5 minutes while giving it a range of 300 miles are the goals of many manufacturers.

One of the problems associated with metal hydride storage tanks has been the heat generated. When hydrogen is absorbed by the metal hydride power there is an excess of heat that needs to be addressed.

Without some sort of heat exchanger at part of the tank it could take 40 minutes to refuel a hydrogen auto, which would deter many drivers. The Purdue researchers have designed a small heat exchanger that fits inside the hydrogen storage tank.

The is made mostly of aluminum with thin fins to disperse the heat. This kind of cooling system was developed over the past 2 years and will provide other researchers worldwide a leg up on continuing research and development of metal hydride storage solutions.

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