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HyFLEET:CUTE Buses Transport 8.5 Million Passengers

I received an email over the weekend from HyFLEET:CUTE outlining the successes of their hydrogen bus project that I would like to share with you. A couple of years ago I talked about how the HyFLEET:CUTE project was running multiple hydrogen buses in Europe, Asia and Australia.

About a week ago, I talked about how additional HyFLEET:CUTE buses were rolling out in China and Germany. But, let’s get a closer look at the successes of the 40 HyFLEET:CUTE buses that don’t even include the 20 hydrogen buses in British Columbia, Canada or a similar amount of large H2 passenger buses in the U. S. or the Ford H2ICE shuttle buses.

So far, the 40 HyFLEET:CUTE buses have autoried 8.5 million passengers. This includes over 1.5 million miles traveled under normal, everyday conditions. These 40 buses have been refueled with 550,000 kilograms of hydrogen safely.

According to the email, “The impressive results presented at the conference, held in Hamburg on November 17-18 have shown that Europe is in sight of commercialization of this leading edge technology. Today’s technology allows buses to run efficiently and cleanly on hydrogen. Crucially, the project has shown that infrastructure to produce, supply and distribute hydrogen for transport can be implemented efficiently.”

While there has been much talk about hydrogen auto development, hydrogen buses in this program have been quietly hauling millions of passengers over 1.5 million miles while refueling safely with over half a million kilograms (gallon equivalent) of hydrogen. And, this is just the beginning.



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