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Greek Geeks Developing Hydrogen Vehicles and Storage

Well, if geeks may one day rule the world, it may just be the Greek geeks that are leading the pack. A group of Greek scientists at the University of Crete have discovered a method to store hydrogen using autobon nanotechnology.

Currently, most hydrogen autos use hydrogen stored in highly compressed form between 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi. This causes safety issues and increases the amount of energy necessary to store the gas. So, researchers like those in Greece, have been developing methods and materials for low pressure storage of hydrogen gas.

The scientists at the University of Crete are using nano autobon with vast surface area to store hydrogen at low pressures. By adding lithium ions to the mix, they are able to store double the amount of hydrogen than others doing similar research.

And, if this weren’t enough, then there is another set of Greek geeks also making headway in hydrogen research. The Athens Hydrogen Minibus Project is in full swing. Researchers are converting a 40-seater bus to run on hydrogen fuel cells. Advent Technologies and Tropical SA are collaborating on the conversion.

Today, Helios with his halo of sun and blazing chariot is smiling down on the Greek researchers who are helping to dawn a new day over Mount Olympus.

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