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Underground Hydrogen Streams Possible Source for H2 Fuel

Hydrogen StreamsOn December 15, 2010 I had talked about hydrogen degassing in Russia and the Ukraine as being a possible fuel source. The theory is that it is possible to drill for hydrogen streams approximately 1/2 miles under the Earth’s surface to tap into these streams.

Now there is new information in this arena that this same phenomena exists in the United States as well. According to this , “Structures called ‘Carolina Bays’ are the outlets of hydrogen to the surface. We detected abnormally high hydrogen concentration in the subsoil air in European Russia. Studies have shown that this phenomenon is caused by the release of hydrogen streams from the bowels of the planet … Previously our work was held on the Russian platform.

“However, according to the satellite photos similar structures can be found on all continents. They are especially widespread on the U.S. east coast (the so-called ‘Carolina Bays’). Americans had discovered these structures in the 1930-ies. They have been studying them autoefully for decades, but the real cause of the formation of these structures remained unknown. In our opinion the cause is the same – hydrogen stream degassing from the bowels of the planet.”

Now there is way too much technical information to go into on this blog. So, please read it for yourself. If you think this theory is a little far-fetched then you may need to know that a solar eruption on the sun this past August 2010 caused by hydrogen streaming from the core has physicists rewriting their theories right now.

Little is known about the Earth’s core as well. And streams of hydrogen coming from the core, many just be our next energy source on a massive scale.

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    So how is this not interesting. Science what a great find if true. Russia now USA. This should be studied. Amazing if true.

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    Where to look for underground hydrogen?

    Hydrogen is one of the few elements geochemistry of which is poorly understood. Therefore, as an expert on the geochemistry of gases I follow with great interest on any reports regarding hydrogen exploration. For many years I managed a team of geologists, mapping out hydrogen degassing in different geological situations in Russia. I found your article on possible connection between geological formations such as Carolina Bays and underground hydrogen streams to be very interesting and thought provoking. I am familiar with the works of Dr. Larin, and his view that the structure of Carolina Bays along the shores of Atlantic ocean is due to the flow of hydrogen from the Earth’s core. I studied the oval-shaped sinkholes during my trip to Carolinas and what I saw was the usual karst formations. I did not have any Hydrogen measuring devices with me. It would be helpful to find out whether any geochemical measurements have ever been taken in that area or anywhere else in the US?

    According to the results of our work within Turan tectonic plate in Central Asia, hydrogen degassing is really significant in that area. Some sediments contain up to 90% of hydrogen. It was determined that the flow of hydrogen along faults correlates with formation of deposits of commercial polyvalent elements, in particular, uranium deposits, similar to “Wyoming type” in sediments near the surface. In some cases we marked areal anomaly of hydrogen covering hundreds of square kilometers, which requires further research. Potentially it may be possible to find commercially viable quantities of hydrogen. I would like to learn more about degassing of hydrogen in America. In my opinion, we should be looking for underground hydrogen on the western, seismically active coast of America. You can me at [email protected]. Respectfully, Gerald P.

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