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Spanish Researchers Use Plastic to Produce Hydrogen

Spanish researchers who are part of the Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices Group are using high tech plastics sunlight to produce hydrogen from water.

These plastics are organic in nature and could lead to cheap and abundant hydrogen production.

According to Cordis, “One of the main challenges of the project, which will finish in November, is to demonstrate that organic materials (plastics) can be used for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation, target that has already been reached …

“…Energy models based on hydrogen are a priority in technology development programmes of the leading world economies such as the US, EU and Japan.”

This invention also uses nano-scale titanium oxide, a photovoltaic material and platinum catalyst sunlight to produce hydrogen from water.

Now, this research may not sound sexy. Only a small percentage of people (like me) would get their inner geek on about this. But, any invention or method that can get us one step closer to the reality of hydrogen autos on the roadways, I think is worthy of attention.


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    there is a method of making hydrogen at home using nanotechnology. you use cuprous oxide and graphene to make your own solar cells

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