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Riso DTU Electrolyzes Hydrogen from Water Cheaply

Many news stories come and go all day long. Only few have a significant impact on people’s lives or an industry. The report about Riso DTU barely showed up on the hydrogen industry radar.

The details are sketchy at this moment but important. According to Denmark’s national laboratory Riso DTU, they have found a much more efficient method of producing hydrogen from water. Typically, a kind of alkaline electrolysis method is used and this method is about 65-percent efficient.

While trying to figure out how to store excess wind energy that is created intermittently from wind turbines, Riso DTU has developed a high temperature Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC) or a fuel cell run in reverse that is 76-percent efficient in creating hydrogen from water.

This is a significant technological leap that will not only help in the field of wind to hydrogen conversions but in other renewable to hydrogen conversions such as solar and geothermal energy. As the process of splitting water into hydrogen becomes more efficient and cheap, the likelihood of a hydrogen transportation system and economy comes one step closer to an everyday reality.

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