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Non-Americans Embracing Wind Energy as Not All Hot Air

In order for the hydrogen economy to take off, we first must have reliable resources for alternative and renewable energy sources. Several countries outside the U. S. are embracing wind energy to provide renewable energy for their schools, companies and towns.

For instance, at the in Aberdeen, Scotland there is a wind turbine that supplies most of the power for the school. The wind turbine powers the computers, lights and other plug-in appliances and is a great educational tool for the students who wish to learn more about the future or renewable energy and see it in action.

in Toronto, Canada is a web host that has taken it upon themselves to use wind energy to power their servers and overall facility. Though EthicalHosting cannot do this directly as there is no room for a wind turbine at their facility they do this indirectly by purchasing around 4,000 hours of Green Tags (renewable energy credits) so that a remote wind turbine can offset EthicalHosting’s yearly usage by placing 4,000 hours of green energy directly on the grid.

Denmark is also embracing wind and hydrogen energy and has done so for a while now. Europe’s first hydrogen train is being developed by the Danish Technological Institute. In addition, now the first full-scale wind to hydrogen energy plant has just opened up. Since wind energy is not constant and reliable the folks in Naskov, Lolland are storing the excess electricity created from wind as hydrogen to be used for power when the wind is not as robust.

There’s a lot of deaf ears, though, when it comes to the merits of wind energy. But, as Bob Dylan might say, “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

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