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ITM Power Opens an Office in Aberdeen, Scotland

A couple of weeks ago I had talked about how the Aberdeen, Scotland City Council was offering a hydrogen vehicle (Hyundai Tucson ix35) for their auto-sharing members to test drive for free. This was the first time a auto-sharing club had done such a feat.

Now, in an effort to help out the Scottish pro-hydrogen efforts, ITM Power has decided to open an office in Aberdeen as well. In fact, the office is within the facilities of Aberdeen City Council.

According to Aberdeen City Council member Yasa Ratnayeke, “We are delighted to be working with ITM Power, there are a growing number of opportunities for hydrogen made from renewable energy in Aberdeen and the City will be a key first mover in this area of technology. The Sustainable Development Team at the Council is dedicated to making Aberdeen the leading force in the achievement of autobon reduction targets in Scotland and ITM Power can play a major role in achieving those targets.”

Now, according to Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, “The Scottish renewables sector is growing at an astonishing rate with many opportunities for energy storage and clean transport fuel and this year’s All- Energy conference has been incredibly successful for ITM Power. ITM Power is determined to make an early commitment to Aberdeen and Scotland.”

I’ve talked about Scotland taking a leadership role in renewable energy including wind, wave and hydrogen power over the past several years. Here is a good that shows how hydrogen will play a major role in not only creating zero emissions energy but wealth building for Scotland and Great Britain as well.

At a time when ITM Power has their hands full just weeks away from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London where they will showcase their mobile hydrogen refuelers, it’s still good to know that they hold Scotland in high regard for the long-term success of the commercialization of hydrogen products.

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