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ITM Power Makes First Commercial Sale of HFuel Hydrogen Refueling Unit

Testing and trials, testing and trials, sometimes I get tired reading and writing about companies who are testing their hydrogen inventions, going into trials and then fall off the map never to commercialize their products. The last time I had talked about the ITM Power HFuel electrolyzer hydrogen refueling unit was in September 2010.

I have to admit that I was skeptical that this product or any other by ITM Power would ever see the light of day in regard to commercialization. Today, I am happy to report that I am wrong and that ITM Power has made their first commercial sale of their HFuel unit to the University of Glamorgan (UoG) in the United Kingdom.

According to ITM Power, “The ITM Power system will be integrated into UoG’s existing hydrogen dispensing system at its Renewable Hydrogen Research and Development Centre, located at Baglan Energy Park in South Wales.

“The unit will be installed and commissioned by ITM Power staff and includes on-board telemetry to allow its performance to be monitored remotely from the Company’s production facility in Sheffield. ITM Power will also give ongoing support to the UoG to develop its renewable hydrogen system, incorporating the Company’s electrolyser and possible future capacity upgrades to the system.”

Promises, Promises, Promises

Many high tech companies make promises then string us along for years without coming out with a commercial product. So, not only has ITM Power made its first commercial sale of one of its hydrogen electrolyzers but it has also announced at the Hannover Messe Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Fair in Germany that is making its commercial launch of three other of its hydrogen-based products including the HPac, HBox and HFlame.

It’s exciting to see low cost, hydrogen related products launching in the commercial marketplace after years of testing and trials. Most don’t make it this far and tend to die on the proverbial vine. Kudos to ITM Power for taking the first important step of many to follow and jumping in enthusiastically with both feet into the hydrogen game. I can’t wait to see how the HFuel electrolyzer fairs in the marketplace and what else ITM Power has in store for the future.

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