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Hydrogenics Supplies Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer to Univ. of Glamorgan

Hydrogenics HyPMHydrogenics Corporation will be supplying a HyPM fuel cell and HySTAT-10 electrolyzer unit to the University of Glamorgan in Wales for a research demonstration project. The HySTAT-10 electrolyzer will be powered by wind turbines as its renewable energy source.

Air Liquide Group will be overseeing the project to install the Hydrogenics equipment at the Glamorgan Renewable Hydrogen Research and Demonstration Centre. The hydrogen created by the new installation will be used to refuel both a fuel cell shuttle bus and delivery van.

Talking about both Hydrogenics and the University of Glamorgan has been a favorite subject of mine in the past. For instance, just two days ago I had talked about the ITM Power home refueling station and mentioned Hydrogenics as well. In September 2006, I had talked about how Hydrogenics was developing a hydrogen fueling station along with GM and Honda. And, in December 2007, I had talked about how Hydrogenics was selling one of its HySTAT-30 stations to Ford for refueling its Focus FCV.

Past topics about the University of Glamorgan include their development of a fuel cell ferryboat and the fuel cell minibus I’ve already mentioned above, which will cost far less than most present day fuel cell autos.

The pairing of Hydrogenics and the University of Glamorgan is a natural fit to combine research along with real world practical knowledge and demonstration of technology that will shape the future. Now, if we can just get one of those ITM Power hydrogen fueling stations to the University, this will be another complimentary partnership that will give street cred to putting H2 into the home as well as classroom.

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