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Hydrogen from Salt Water and Magnets a Possibility

Desalination plants everywhere could be producing hydrogen gas from seawater if the right device were to be installed. This is the word from physicist Roberto De Luca from Italy’s University of Salerno.

De Luca has run where he has forced salt water (containing sodium and chlorine ions) through a thin rectangular pipe that has two metal electrodes on the sides. A traverse magnetic force was applied to the salt water producing an electromotive force.

At one of the electrodes oxygen and hydrogen gas are produced from the water. The electricity produced in this process could be used to partly power the desalination plants, which are typically powered by oil.

The hydrogen could be sold for use in autos, or it, too could be run through a fuel cell and used to partly power the plants. In time when sustainability is not only a buzzword taught in schools, but one being adopted as a fact of life, it is this kind of thinking that will provide a greener and more economically sound future for all.

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    hydrogen from salt water and magmets

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    After finding ways of making magnets stick to stainless by shape and simularity rather than metalergy, I applied felds to other aspects with positive outcomes even without salt or soda. Simple energies and moisture. So weird friends dropped like sodium levels. A whole new world opens up with new ideas and without knowing things are not posible with so little knoledge, its easy to see how they can work. After talking with a few science in the know people, it is very apparent all my efferts are not welcome. My fuel mileage is still up and I’m still holding to my testing.

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