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Genesys RET Technology Breakthrough in Producing Hydrogen from Water

According to CEO Ronny Bar-Gadda of Genesys LLC there is a new technology that he’s invented called RET (radiant energy transfer) that is a breakthrough in producing hydrogen from water. According to Mr. Bar-Gadda, this may just be the disruptive technology the H2 community has been waiting for in regard to producing cost effective hydrogen from any feedstock of water.

The RET system is expected to provide head to head competition with the most efficient electrolysis systems on the market today. According to the video the RET device uses components from both a simple microwave oven and proprietary Genesys components to show that the device can be manufactured in a cost effective manner.

According to , “The principle of the technology relies on the unique properties of the oxygen-hydrogen bond. By using electromagnetic radiation tuned to the OH bond energy it is possible to break the bond with a minimum amount of energy. The rate of hydrogen production using this technology far exceeds that of electrolytic processes. RET is a continuous process technology that also operates at room temperature. RET is modular and easily scaleable as well as autobon neutral. As a result of this revolutionary approach, RET modules may be added or subtracted very quickly to respond to changes in hydrogen demand.”

Since the Genesys RET technology relies on water (or steam) as a feedstock, there are a several renewable ways to go about using this system. The first method would be to use wind or solar to heat the water into steam and then break the bonds using the RET system.

Another method would be to use geothermal wells, abandoned oil wells, or the steam from online power plants as sources for the high temperature cracking of steam into hydrogen and oxygen. Landfills and waste treatment plants may also be used to provide the H2O feedstock for the Genesys RET system. The Genesys RET technology is a hydrogen on demand system. It is capable of provide hydrogen fuel near the customer of an H2 auto, which I take to mean produced in a decentralized manner near the fueling station.

But, the device also looks as if it could be downsized and create hydrogen on demand at the fueling station itself, thereby side-stepping the need for a huge hydrogen distribution system to be built. If this RET hydrogen production method lives up to it’s billing this could be the disruptive technology that hydrogen auto advocates have been waiting for that could provide rapid commercialization for H2 autos.

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    a patten already exists on hydrogen on demand and we can do it insantainiously.we do it chemicaly.

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