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From Gas Hogs to Hog Gas Hydrogen Goes Organic

Well, it finally had to happen. After years of driving gas hogs on the highways, we are finally faced making some tough decisions at the auto lots and gas pumps about lowering consumption and about cleaning up our environment. Remember a few years ago when global warming and greenhouse gases were being blamed on cow flatulence?

According to one report, up to 14-percent of the global methane emissions were said to be from farm animals. Well, according to a story in Agri News, this is good news, stating, “Although many agricultural and industrial waste materials or residues have been studied as feedstock, the topic of using liquid swine manure for microbial production of hydrogen has rarely been touched until most recently when a grant was approved in 2005 by the University of Minnesota Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment.”

That’s right, farm fans, the manure of now may just be the hydrogen of the future. Now, its no secret that farm animals release a lot of methane. And, methane can be reformed into hydrogen. So, it’s just a natural step forward to use fermentative bacteria to break down manure into hydrogen.

So, remember this 5 years from now when you pull your H2 Porsche up to the pig pump and plug it in for some pure hydrogen. You may hear a little squealing but that’s Okay. You’re doing your part to clean up the greenhouse gases and you’ll be happy as a pig in mud that you did.

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